It’s spring: Welcome to the killing yard

Spring is here and my back garden is about to turn into a killing yard. Or perhaps a charnel house for the carcasses of birds and mice unfortunate enough to have been caught by our erstwhile tabby, Jumper.
I say unfortunate enough, but I really mean untalented enough … the cat rarely catches birds. Despite her name she doesn’t tend to be fast enough to catch a bird. Mice, on the other hand? She catches those daily.
This not so lean, mean, killing machine is getting set to pounce.

This not so lean, mean, killing machine is getting set to pounce.

She’s so plentiful with her catch that she not only brings us the obligatory gift dropped at the back door; she leaves them lying around the yard. Wherever they breathe their last, there they lay.
Just ask my husband. Last year, when the grass had become particularly high, he went over it with the mower. He couldn’t tell what lay beneath the blades until he and my daughter smelled a horrible smell.
“Ew, what is that?” my daughter asked. It was rotten mouse – sprayed everywhere, including over my husband’s jeans. Lucky he was smart enough to wear long pants mowing the lawn.
Apparently, we and Jumper aren’t alone. More than 2 billion birds and between 7 and 20 million other creatures will lose their lives to cats this year in the United States alone.
And, soon, another hundred or so will be sacrificed in our killing yard.
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  1. Better in your cat’s maw than in your home, Deb!

    1. Yikes! Visions of hopping on a chair and squealing!

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