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It was 10th January 1650, and a haggard old woman from Kirkthorpe, the little hamlet on the outskirts of the thriving market town of Wakefield, stood before the five stern men of the court, who sat in judgement of her.  Old Margaret Morton’s life was…

Gilding the Gourd

Gourds are taking over our house these days. From big orange pumpkins to misshapen varieties that make us giggle in disbelief, they are scattered over tables and on the front porch. The latest is the traditional jack-o’-lantern my daughter carved and painted for Halloween: But at the beginning of the month we picked up these: […]

Why we confuse our kids on Halloween

There was a Canadian woman in Northern Ireland who was well-known in the neighbourhood for taking her kids out trick-or-treating on Halloween night. It’s not a tradition in that country the way it is in Canada, so this was thought a bit odd. Her trick-or-treating sparked conversations – about how different she was. About how […]

I’ll always have Paris

Disneyland beckons. If my daughter has her way, that’s where I’m going for our next holiday. Personally, I’d prefer Paris. Dingle, Ireland would do nicely. Heck, I’d be happy with a week at the cottage. There are stranger reasons to go to a place. One of the funniest I’ve ever heard came from an older […]

Lose a library, find inspiration

I can’t find my Kobo. It’s not the end of the world – the dozens of books I’ve got stored on it are also stored on my computer. But it is irritating. I can’t haul around an entire library in my bag, as the marketers tout these things, which is something I’ve become used to. […]

Aging parents? Let’s talk turkey

It was the kind of week that’s been building up for months. The kind of week where little decisions made along the way suddenly come together. The kind of week that reminds you that, no matter how much you plan, life’s going to take you by surprise. This week reminded me that I’m still very […]

Valuable, but what’s it worth?

So there’s this guy who sold a jug of old barbecue sauce on eBay for $10,000. If you think I’m kidding, you can read all about it here: 20-year-old jug of BBQ sauce. Before you (or I) scoff, how many of us saved McDonald’s Happy Meals toys hoping they’d be worth something one day? Hot Wheels? […]

On a bad day, this lifts my soul

After a day like today, I daydream of mountains. Of a place that reminds me of good times past and more to come. Everyone’s got somewhere that, no matter where they are, their soul can escape to. Mine’s near a place called Dingle on the southwest coast of Ireland – the westernmost tip of Europe […]

Falling for an MGB

It was the curves that first attracted me. Standing by the curb, she had an open face – twinkling and gleaming in the sunshine. We struck up an immediate friendship. I approached her and leaned in close, afraid to touch. She was British Racing Car Green, although I didn’t know it at the time. I […]

I swear, I didn’t say that

I enjoy a good swear every once in a while. When I hurt myself. When someone cuts me off while I’m driving. When someone ticks me off. Sometimes, swearing just feels good. I’m sure swear words must have been some of the first invented at the onset of human language. It’s a harmless way of […]

Playing with dolls, at 75

“Don’t sit on the children!” my mother-in-law yelled, in some distress. My husband leaped up from the sofa. He hadn’t noticed that the cushions were propped up pertly, with doilies lovingly wrapped around them as if to keep them warm. It was the first real sign we had that dementia had taken hold. After that, […]

The party’s still on, soberly

“The party’s over.” Those words from my — how can I put this delicately? On the brink of elderly — doctor, apparently marked the end of my youth and the beginning of middle age. It’s not a moment I was expecting. Like most people, my inner age is much different from my outer age. Time stood […]


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