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Say hello to the fairies

“Say hello to the fairies,” the big, burly man sitting in the taxi next to me said. “Hello, fairies,” he laughed, waving out the window. I couldn’t let him make a fool of himself, so I joined in. “Hello, fairies,” I waved self-consciously. Driving on the Isle of Man from the airport to the island’s […]

Role models: This time it’s political

Kathleen Wynne, you’ve given an 8-year-old girl a reason to hope. She was watching the televised province of Ontario Liberal leadership convention on Saturday and was at least partially engaged in what was playing out on the screen. Early on, she commented: “There are two women running this time. In the last election there was only […]

Driving pet peeves – they’re universal

There was an 80-car pile-up on Highway 401 just outside Toronto on Friday. It appears that lake effect snow squalls had a big part to play in the crash but, as one police constable told the Toronto Star, it wasn’t just the snow: “It’s obviously drivers’ reactions in weather conditions of that nature that led […]

Liebster Award nomination – woo hoo

Thank you leftofplumb for nominating me for a Liebster Award! The Liebster Award It’s apparently for “up and coming” blogs – so I’ll take that as a nod of approval. It also means I get to return the compliment to other blogs that I read – networking with nice words. As with anything, certain conditions apply, including stating: […]

Slaying ennui with Graham Greene and bored games

“I’m bored.” Those were the first words out of my daughter’s mouth after I picked her up from the babysitter. I can understand the feeling. It’s -25C outside with the wind chill factor. “Everyone else at school was hyper – I was grumpy,” she started off with a grouch. She was on the edge of […]

Drinking and driving in County Kerry

Next time you go to County Kerry there may be more drunk drivers on the road. Kerry County Council has passed a motion to let some rural denizens drink even though they’re legally drunk – all in the name of fighting loneliness on the isolated windswept peninsulas. Here’s a story we worked on today about […]

What’s for dinner vs. the joy of cooking

The shiny, black Kitchen Aid mixer mocked me with its clean slick lines, its promise of culinary wizardry. It stood, unused, on my kitchen counter for years. Every time I looked at its sturdy curved engineering – cleverly hiding a powerful motor that could mix just about anything – it said to me: you are […]

Marrying toothbrushes provokes the morning yell

The morning yell is inevitable. It happens for different reasons every day – dawdling, sleeping in, being distracted – but it is inevitable. My daughter is physically incapable of getting ready on time without the morning routine escalating crazily into the morning yell. To wit: I walk into the bathroom – she’s standing in front […]

Dreamy ghost station left me spooked

Underneath the streets of Toronto is a subway station that’s seldom used.  Clad in white tiles that, from all accounts, look sad and grimy, it’s nicknamed the Ghost Station. Rumours have it there’s a lady in a red dress – a lady without legs  – who roams the place. The Ghost Station  lies underneath Bay Station – it […]

When a wooden spoon is a threat

When I was a kid I would sometimes wonder, in certain situations, why grown-ups didn’t do something. Now I’m asking myself, should I do something. My daughter’s friend, S., had a sleepover with us last night. We went to a movie, did a little bit of shopping, made breakfast together this morning – simply had […]

Joy found – and lost – on a winter’s walk

My daughter keeps asking me to go on “our winter walk.” What she really wants to do is recapture a moment we experienced last year. It’s now etched in her memory. And she wants to replicate it. It was like this: the snow had fallen gently all day, covering the trees, the houses, the sidewalks. […]

Sunrise from the bedroom window

Waking up to a sunrise is a wonderful thing in the deep, dead of winter. Mornings are difficult when they’re deep and black – there’s little incentive to get up and get going. But watching this morning’s sunrise bloom in the sky, washing out last night’s thin crescent moon still in the background, brought an […]


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