Dreamy ghost station left me spooked

Underneath the streets of Toronto is a subway station that’s seldom used.  Clad in white tiles that, from all accounts, look sad and grimy, it’s nicknamed the Ghost Station. Rumours have it there’s a lady in a red dress – a lady without legs  – who roams the place.

The Ghost Station  lies underneath Bay Station – it was built to be part of the city’s main Bloor-Danforth subway line and operated for six months when the line first opened in 1966. Apparently it was meant to connect that line with the University line – but it proved technically difficult so was shut down.

But it’s not entirely deserted – ghost notwithstanding. It hosts movie shoots, is used for staff training and for storage. It sometimes even hosts other subways on detour.   Someone lucky enough to be on a rerouted train posted this:

I’ve never seen it myself so in my dream last night, when I realized the subway train I was riding in was headed toward the Ghost Station, I got really excited. I was finally going to see it.

I looked in anticipation out the windows at the darkened walls of the tunnel we were in. I could see the light coming toward us.

But then everything went black.  There was no light, no station – only darkness. And my train was whizzing through it at breakneck speed. Down, down it went, faster and faster – I was screaming for someone to help me.

Next thing I know, I hear footsteps, and my daughter and husband  telling me everything’s going to be alright.  I open my eyes to see their shadowy figures. Everyone goes back to sleep except me – I struggle to keep my eyes open, not wanting to return to that tunnel.

Apparently being on a train in a dream symbolizes your life journey – and if it crashes you’re on the wrong track. Well, I didn’t crash, so that’s good news. But the tunnel, according to more than one dream interpretation website, represents the vagina or birth and means I need some security or nurturing. Hmmm, don’t we all.  Going through a dark tunnel signifies going deep into your subconscious. There’s something to explore.  That could be fun. But there was no light at the end of this particular tunnel and it left me spooked. Apparently a tunnel can also be taken literally and mean I’ve got tunnel vision and need to open my eyes to new possibilities …

Or I could just listen to the real-life voices telling me that everything’s going to be alright.



  1. Pretty cool, Deb. Love the way you set an eerie, ghostlike tone with your writing.

    1. Thanks, Marie. I’d really love to see that station in person, though!

  2. Wooo, vivid and scary 😯 I love old railway stories. Here’s the final verse from a poem lamenting a former branch line in West Cork, Ireland which was discontinued in 1934.
    But now those days have ended, the line is there no more
    No more we’ll see our puff puff train pass by to Donoughmore
    And when I think back through a passage now just grass
    I’d hear a sound and turn around, a ghostly train would pass!

    1. Oooh, thanks for sharing! Very eerie and evocative …

  3. I love me a good ghost story! Really nicely written post!! Found you through Whorrified and really enjoying it!!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words, Irene! I’ve read you a number of times through Whorrified as well – and, well, you are one of the funniest women out there. Keep it up. There … now we’ll have to form a mutual admiration society …

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