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When Toy Story makes for a freaky Friday

Today I walked out the front door of the house with my lunchbox in hand. My daughter had skipped out before me. She spied a friend of hers and her mother walking up the street. When she can, she dumps me and the car ride to school in favour of a leisurely walk, and today’s […]

So long pennies; my two cents’ worth

So long, penny. Here in Canada, the government has decided to put you out of production – you cost 1.6 cents to make and so you just don’t make economic sense. As of Feb. 4, 2013, the Royal Canadian Mint has stopped making you. Even though you clog up my purse, I’ll miss you. You […]

Finding my lost Kobo – and inspiration

Since writing this blog entry in October I’ve found my Kobo – and a renewed appreciation for my wall of bookshelves. My bookshelves are, once again, spilling over. *** I can’t find my Kobo. It’s not the end of the world – the dozens of books I’ve got stored on it are also stored on my computer. But […]

Why Bob and Mary hung a banana over the balcony

Bob and Mary gave me some of my best childhood memories. I only knew them for a few years and last saw them when I was about 4 years old. That’s when my brother was born and we moved to a bigger apartment. But until then Bob and Mary were a big part of my […]

Getting excited about the first snowfall

The snow hasn’t landed yet so it’s easy to wax poetic. About how it blankets everything in the city in a cleansing shroud of white, muffling the sounds of sirens and streetcars and vans and trucks and cars. How the footprints of hundreds are erased for a few minutes and you’re the first to mark […]

In anger, all we want is to be heard

I like cleaning – sometimes. My kid doesn’t – ever. Right now, she is up in her bedroom crying loudly and alternately grumbling under her breath. “I hate doing this. I hate doing this.” (At least she’s not saying, “I hate my mommy, I hate my mommy.”) Then I hear the occasional bang. The lead-up […]

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